Tim DeShong . Artist


Events/Galleries currently featuring art by Tim

Stop by his new studio at Pleasant Pond and see the newest
Art of the Week

Visit Carbondale to view "Kou-uh-buhng-guh"

Vote for Tim's Sculpture for BEST IN SHOW! (#3)

Relocation-Lighten the load liquidation sale
@ out-there ART-FEST at GRACe
Tim will be at his studio and offering a SALE on his works.
Join in the fun and take home a contemporary sculpture
at an amazing price for your home or business.

Save June 8th for the out there art fest at GRACe, Tim having a liquidation sale

Globeville Riverfront Art Center Gallery
Global Riverfront Art Center, GRACe in Denver. Gallery and Studios
RiNo District...
888 E 50th Ave. DenverCO

Fun event was held for Small Business Saturday at Bigby's Follies,
partnering with Rino Made